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Do you sell to the public ?

Yes. Our products and services are offered to both public customers and contracting companies.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We offer delivery. The costs are based on the delivery destination.

Can you deliver two bulk items at once?

Yes. Our fleet of trucks can accommodate all your unique delivery needs.  Please inquire about the details of your request.

Do you offer placement of boulders upon delivery?



Do you install?

We do not offer installation services. However, we can refer you to reliable contractors who can see to all your installation needs.

How much does one bag of Polymeric Sand cover?

One 22.7kg bag (50 lbs.) will cover approximately 65-85 square feet with tight joints or 22-42 square feet with wide joints.

Polymer Sand Coverage
  Narrow Joints Wide Joints
  m2 ft2 m2 ft2
(66 lbs)
7.89-9.75 85-105 2.6-5.11 28-55
(66 lbs)
7.89-9.75 85-105 2.6-5.11 28-55

How do you install Polymeric Sand?

You must adhere to the instructions when installing Polymeric sand. There are many guides that offer step-by-step instructions how to do this. We suggest you go over these instructions before beginning.

Start by pouring the polymeric sand over the area to be covered. Next, you sweep the sand into the joints with a push broom. You must ensure that the joints are completely filled in. The remaining sand must be swept from the top of the pavers so that no sand remains. Take your garden hose and lightly mist over the sand before letting it harden. Repeat the misting. Ensure it is done slowly so the sand is not drenched, otherwise the polymer will drain out. Note that any sand remaining on top of the paver during the misting will harden and be very difficult to remove.

What is this white, milky substance coming out of my stone?

The milky liquid is a common substance in the concrete. It is a mineral deposit composed of white crystals that sometimes appears in the stone. It does not affect the functionality of the product and will disappear over time once exposed to rain.

How do I properly & easily install my own driveway/patio/walkway/etc?


Are you open year round?

Yes. We are open year round even outside the traditional landscaping season from April to November. We sell salt in the winter months.

How much base do I need for my patio/driveway?

The type of use will determine the amount of depth you need for the base. 100-200 mm (4-8″) of depth is recommended for areas such as walkways, underneath patios, and most garden and retaining walls. Driveways and parking areas will require at least 200-300 mm (8-12″). Please note that areas with poor drainage and walls greater than the maximum height or those with additional loading on top with require special consideration.

Please refer to our Base Material Estimator to calculate how much base you would need.